35 Best Farmhouse Style Home Decor Ideas

29 Cute Farmhouse Home Decorations Ideas

Farmhouse design exudes the comfortable, casual feel of rural farm living. Frequently referred to as farmhouse, French country or country, this style includes traditional farmhouses with front porches, picket fences and pastures, as well as homes with small touches of farmhouse decor. In general, country home decor is simple and unfussy, with antique furniture, butcher block counters, beadboard, rocking chairs and rooster accents. French country decor, on the other hand, has the same warm, welcoming tones but with a more ornate, traditional feel.

Take Your Time Perhaps the most important thing to remember when decorating in farmhouse style is ‘don’t rush’. Charm and character can’t be bought in a day. Decorate with things that have meaning, whether they’re brand new or decades old.

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