40 Awesome Backyard Patio Design Ideas

40 Awesome Backyard Patio Design Ideas

Outdoor patios are frequently viewed as an extension of indoor living space. Whether it’s comprised of stone, brick or concrete, this paved area is often used as a socializing location, especially when there’s a grill or fire pit present. Throw in an outdoor dining set and some patio decor, and it can also become your favorite eating spot! As you browse outdoor patio ideas, keep in mind the follows tips and tricks to get the most out of yours.

Planning out your patio design before your remodel is crucial. When perusing patio ideas, keep in mind that people use patios for different things, but they primarily use it as a space for entertaining and relaxing. Because of this, figure out what you want this area’s overall functionality to be. Will you have large groups over or a few intimate gatherings? Will you be serving food or are you more of a cocktail hour type? Secondly, take time to figure out what materials will work best for your remodel — different patio designs call for different materials, some of which might not work for your budget and space limitations. Then, decide whether you want a covered or uncovered area; think about any weather (rain or sun) that you want to protect yourself from. Next, determine what amenities are important to you; is an outdoor fireplace essential, or would a smaller scale fire pit work just as well? Do you need a big grill or will a smaller barbecue work for you? Lastly, much like any other room in your home, decorate the space to ensure that it’s welcoming, interesting and aligned with your home’s style.

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