45 Amazing Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas

38 Amazing Christmas Apartment Decor Ideas

If you are living in an apartment that is tight on space, you might find decorating an apartment for Christmas to be quite challenging. The following are some ways that you can use your small space in festive ways. A Christmas wall tree is a great way to incorporate a tree into a small space for the holidays. These trees are battery operated, so you don’t need to worry about bring close to an outlet…which are often sparse in older apartments. If you have a little more space and can offer more than just a wall for your Christmas tree, a half Christmas tree or slim Christmas tree provides all the glowing beauty of the real thing without taking up too much space.

Another way to make decorating an apartment for Christmas a little easier is to focus on doorways, windows, lighting fixtures, and other permanent fixtures in the apartment. Drape Christmas garland around the edges of your doors and windows. You could weave Christmas lights through the garlands or hang ornaments on them. When you receive Christmas cards in the mail from your friends, you could attach them to one of the garlands in a main doorway. If you’ve got a chandelier, you can dangle Christmas ornaments from the arms of the chandelier in varying lengths. Hanging ornaments from the top frame of the window would also give the room a fun Christmas charm.

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