45 Awesome DIY Wooden Palette Furniture Remodel Ideas

33 Awesome DIY Wooden Palette Furniture Remodel Ideas

Oh, palettes… Just when I think I have seen too many of them, I see more projects I absolutely have to make. Actually, wooden palettes may just be the best thing I ever discovered. I learned basic woodworking skills once I realized that with a few basic techniques and an endless supply of free wood via upcycled palettes, I could make my own furniture dreams come true, one piece at a time.

Up until this year, I had only made a few palettes signs and a coffee table, but after seeing my best friends awesome sofa and outdoor bar made from pallets, I realized I really could and should do so much more. From shelves and storage to benches and boot racks, I collected some of the best pallet furniture projects around so I could share them with you. Brilliant ideas to instantly makeover your bedroom, living room, patio or kitchen. Step by step tutorials are included for all, some even have free downloadable plans for you to print at home to follow along.

Be fearless and try some of these awesome palettes furniture ideas today!

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